Groundwater - Well Registration


windmillSince September 9, 1993, all new wells, including domestic wells, have been required to be registered with the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources. All irrigation wells are required to be registered. Wells required to be registered are considered illegal until registered or until properly abandoned if no longer used.  Penalties for non-compliance may include a $500 fine.  But anyone who voluntarily registers a well will not be assessed the fine.


Well owners should make sure their well registration information is accurate. You can do this online at


According to the Department, wells used for solely domestic purposes, for livestock water, or for both are all considered to be domestic wells.


Obtain a Well Registration Form

To obtain a copy of a well registration form, contact the Lewis & Clark NRD in Hartington (402 254-6758) or the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources in Lincoln (402-471-2363). You may also download the forms online.


Generally wells pumping 50 gpm or less will cost $60 to register.
Wells pumping above that amount are registered at the rate of $110 each.