Bazile Triangle Groundwater Management Area

BGMA Rules and Regulations Summary


The Groundwater Management Area consists of

Groundwater Management Area

Columbia Twp –(T29N-R3W)

Only Section 6, 7, 18, and 19


Cleveland Twp (T29N-R4W– All sections except Sec 25, 26, 27, 34, 35, 36


All of Creighton Township T29N-R5W


2017 Bazile Phase III Annual Report


Reports are due to the LCNRD by April 1st, 2018


Please contact Annette Sudbeck at 402-254-6758 or 402-841-6949 if you have any questions about completing the form.



Summary of Rules & Regulations


Click here to see a brochure detailing the Rules and Regulation of the Bazile GWMA


Well Permits are necessary except for:


Well Permit fee is $50—Late filing fee is $250 (both are non refundable)


Rule 13: Phase III Controls

  • Nitrate Nitrogen fertilizer applicator must attend district education programs on BMP to minimize pollution (4 year Cert- no charge)
  • Irrigation wells tested every two year for nitrate nitrogen content by Lewis & Clark NRD
  • No fall or winter application of nitrogen fertilizer is allowed
  • Spring application greater than 100# per acre is encouraged through split applications



Complaint Process:


Violations include:

  1. Construction or operation of an illegal well

  2. Noncompliance with Adopted Controls, rules and regulations in the Groundwater Management Area

  3. Using or operating an irrigation system in a manner which causes improper irrigation runoff (occurrence of irrigation runoff water which causes accumulation of water on another person to their detriment or contributed to deterioration of water quality.

Complaints will be filed in writing to the NRD office. NRD office will inspect the area and submit report. If found in violation of rules and regulations a cease and desist order will be issued after hearing. If violator refuses to comply with order, order will be filed in district court for prosecution. Violation is punishable by a fine of up to $5000 per day.


Programs offered by Lewis & Clark NRD in the Bazile GMA


Deep Soil Sampling Program

To encourage farmers to better manage fertilizer application the NRD offers 75% cost share for Deep Soil Sampling to depths of 3’. The GMA Rules & Regs require crop ground be sampled yearly.


Chemigation Cost Share Program:

Purpose is to encourage split application of nitrogen fertilizer. Program is for first time chemigators. NRD will be $4.00 per irrigation acres for one pivot only. Payment will be made in the fall.


Programs for Recharge Area Only


Siphoning Nitrates with Irrigated Pasture is designed to reduce nitrate-nitrogen concentrations in soil and water. The program is a 5 year program paying $40 per acre per year on a maximum of 160 acres. Eligible ground is cropland converted to irrigated pasture. 65% cost share for grass seeding and planned grazing components is available. Signup is available from August 1 to February 1 with work to be done by May 1. Coordination with Natural Resources Conservation Service and Extension Service is required.


Siphoning Nitrates with Irrigated Hay is designed along the same principal as the program above and encourages irrigated alfalfa or hay management. This program is a 5 year program. Payment of $40 per acre is provided in the first and fifth year of enrollment on a maximum of 160 acres. Eligible ground is cropland converted to irrigated alfalfa or hay. Cooperators are asked to line up conversion seeding and coordinate management or harvesting. Seed receipt copies required for payment in first year.


Map - Creighton Recharge

The Creighton Recharge

consists of

Section 25, 26, 27 and 34, 35, 36 of




If interested in these programs contact the:


PO Box 300

Bloomfield, NE 68718

402-373-4914 Ext 3


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