About LCNRD - Mission


The Lewis & Clark Natural Resources District was created in 1972 by the Nebraska Legislature which combined 154 special purpose entities into 23 NRDs. Under the provisions of the NRD law, the District has the capability to develop and carry out plans and programs relating to:

  1. Erosion Prevention and Control,
  2. Prevention of Damages from Floodwater and Sediment,
  3. Flood Prevention and Control,
  4. Soil Conservation,
  5. Water Supply for any Beneficial Use,
  6. Development, Management, Utilization & Conservation of Ground & Surface Water,
  7. Pollution Control,
  8. Solid Waste Management,
  9. Drainage Improvement and Channel Rectification,
  10. Development and Management of Recreational and Park Facilities,
  11. Forestry and Range Management,
  12. Development and Management of Fish and Wildlife Habitat.

The 23 Natural Resources Districts are funded by local property taxes to establish and manage resource projects in their area. Natural Resources Districts help respond to natural resources challenges with local control for local solutions. NRD’s work in partnership with other agencies and organizations such as the Natural Resources Conservation Service, Ne Game & Parks and local municipalities.


The Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District includes the eastern half of Knox County and the northern three-fourths of Cedar and Dixon Counties. Each of these counties Soil and Water Conservation Districts, along with the Antelope\Beaver Creek Watershed Districts and the Aowa Creek Watershed Project were combined into it. Representatives from each area of the district are elected to serve four-year terms on the Board of Directors.


Mission Statement: The Lewis & Clark NRD is a multi-purpose unit of local government with the responsibility for conservation, development or management of the soil and water resources within its boundaries. Its board of directors strives to improve stewardship of those resources for future generations.