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Bazile Groundwater Management Area Plan Approved by EPA

The Lewis & Clark NRD is involved in the first “local” Groundwater Management Plan approved in the District. Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality (NDEQ) and the Nebraska Natural Resources Districts (NRDs) are proud to announce the acceptance of the Bazile Groundwater Management Area (BGMA) Plan (large document please be patient for download) by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on October 13 th , 2016. The BGMA Plan is the first groundwater-focused plan in the nation to address nonpoint source pollution. The plan is the result of a collaborative effort to address groundwater nitrate contamination between NDEQ and four of Nebraska’s Natural Resources Districts: Lewis and Clark NRD, Lower Elkhorn NRD, Lower Niobrara NRD, and the Upper Elkhorn NRD.



Landowners and/or operators of the Bazile Groundwater Management Area 2017 annual report due April 1st 2018.

- 2017 Bazile Phase III Annual Report Form

- 2017 Bazile Phase III Instruction Sheet


To learn more about the Phase III Rules and Regulations affecting the Bazile Groundwater Management Area in the Lewis and Clark NRD take a look at our brochure!


Cedar-Knox RWP - 2016 Annual Water Quality Report

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Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District Integrated Management Plan Approved

On July 28th the Lewis and Clark Natural Resources District and the Nebraska Department of Natural Resources held a hearing at the Lewis & Clark NRD Office after which the Lewis & Clark NRD Board approved adoption of an Integrated Water Management Plan the agencies developed to protect groundwater and surface water quantity for the parts of Dixon, Cedar and Knox Counties in the Lewis & Clark NRD. The plan is available for on-line viewing or at the office of the Lewis & Clark NRD in Hartington.


The overarching purpose of this IMP is to provide a framework for joint management of groundwater and surface water resources to ensure the long term availability of both resources, so that existing users are protected.